NCAA College Tennis Betting Guide For USA Players In 2024

Tennis IconThe National Collegiate Athletic Association, or the NCAA, is just about as famous as any pro league in the world when it comes to football and basketball. For football, the entire nation slows to a crawl during bowl season, as the top teams are named by the BCS system. And it got even more recognition this past year, when the BCS was abandoned in favor of a playoff structure.

The NCAA playoff got just as much attention as the NFL's Super Bowl. And the same goes for college basketball and the men playing their March Madness tournament. We're talking about billion upon billions of dollars in revenue for TV contracts, ticket sales, and in gambling. The NCAA is definitely a big-time player in the sporting world, and even NCAA tennis has its following.

This following is what keeps the momentum in tennis fandom going and what has driven the leading sportsbooks and legal tennis betting sites to offer NCAA tennis betting lines.

Now, of course, NCAA tennis isn't on the same level as basketball or football. Okay, to be honest, it's not even in the same universe. But that isn't to say that the collegiate athletes don't take it very seriously. Thousands of players around the nation are attending school on an athletic scholarship for tennis, so they have a lot invested. And many players are using college to strengthen their game for the pro tour.

And while it doesn't have the same type of buzz surrounding it, NCAA tennis is still technically a big-time sport in America. It's behind football and basketball, but it's well ahead of soccer and volleyball. It's basically in the middle, which for the NCAA means it's a big-time American draw. You can find lines covering college tennis matches and tournaments at our recommended sportsbook brands listed below, as well as lines covering popular mainstream tennis events and tournaments.

If betting on college tennis or tennis in general is new to you, we recommend you visit our guide about how to bet on tennis before you dive in too deep. We also provide valuable information on tennis betting odds and some helpful tennis betting tips to assist players in honing their skills and expanding their knowledge.

Best Site for Legally Betting on NCAA College Tennis Matches In 2024

Betonline Sportsbook

NCAA tennis betting lines are not as plentiful as non-collegiate tennis lines, but you can find them at times at Betonline Sportsbook, which happens to be our top recommendation for tennis betting sites. They offer a great range of sports coverage, including a strong selection of tennis matches and events.

You'll have access to their mobile sports betting app so you can bet on tennis from your smartphone or tablet. Their bonus offer is a 25% match on all deposits made into your account.

Top US Sportsbooks Offering Tennis Betting In 2024

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NCAA College Tennis Rankings For 2024

Again, NCAA tennis isn't nearly as popular as other sports, but there is still quite the following. Collegiate teams typically compete against one another, just like basketball and football teams, via small tournaments whereby singles and doubles teams play singles and doubles from other schools, with the school accumulating the most wins in the small semi-tournament earning victory and advancing up the rankings.

Yes, there is a national champion in NCAA tennis, and yes there's a lot of fanfare involved, even if ESPN is absent in its coverage. Below, we will go over the simple top-ten rankings of each men's and women's tennis D1 division, to give you an idea about where the schools stack up.

Men's Rankings: Top Ten

In Men's NCAA tennis, while very different than football or basketball, you may notice a theme. You may notice that a good school is a good school, and most of the schools ranked highly for tennis are also national players in basketball and football, which means these schools are great for athletics in general.

  • 1: Oklahoma
  • 2: Baylor
  • 3: Texas A&M
  • 4: Illinois
  • 5: Virginia
  • 6: TCU
  • 7: Georgia
  • 8: Southern California (USC)
  • 9: Duke
  • 10: Texas

Women's NCAA Tennis Rankings: Top Ten

Not much changes on the women's NCAA Tennis end of the spectrum. The schools that are great for tennis are also great schools for other athletics. This speaks to the college's ability to construct a winning sports program from head to toe, even if the sport in question isn't bringing in a lot of revenue.

  • 1: North Carolina
  • 2: Southern California (USC)
  • 3: California
  • 4: Vanderbilt
  • 5: Florida
  • 6: UCLA
  • 7: Georgia
  • 8: Baylor
  • 9: Texas A&M
  • 10: Virginia
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