Guide to Betting on the French Open Tennis Tournament In 2024

Tennis IconDespite the fact that tennis is not one of the big four sports that fanatical fans throw viewing parties over, it still garners a dedicated following that includes a strong community of gamblers. This is why smart online sportsbooks offer tennis betting odds and lines that cover major tennis events such as the French Open.

This page is dedicated to providing you with an overview of the tournament itself, including its structure and history, and to provide information about your options for betting on the French Open. We also take a look at the legalities surrounding this type of entertainment, and how that affects your options.

Best Site for Legally Betting on The French Open Tennis Tournament In 2024

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Their coverage of major tennis tournaments is comprehensive; with a nice range of wagering options that include live tennis betting lines and mobile access from your smartphone or tablet. They have been around since 1991, and their experience shows.

Top US Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds On The 2024 French Open

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Is it legal to bet on the French Open In The United States?

Betting on any of the major tennis tournaments, including the French Open is perfectly legal for US and international players, as long as you restrict your legal tennis betting action to those destinations that are legally operating within the industry. This means that they are licensed, regulated and hold compliance certifications issued by legitimate governing authorities.

The sportsbooks that offer tennis betting lines featured in this guide are all legally licensed and regulated by respected jurisdictions. For US players, your options at this time are provided by sports betting sites that are located outside of the United States.

The Federal Wire Act and prohibits US based online sports gambling anywhere in the USA. PASPA is a US federal law that prohibits land based sports betting in the USA everywhere except for these four exceptions: Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon. Non-US players have a much easier time as other nations hold a much more progressive stance when it comes to the legalization of sportsbook gambling.

This has resulted in a strong network of legally sanctioned online gambling sites and an extensive selection of viable banking methods by which to fund their accounts.

What are the best types of sportsbooks for finding French Open betting lines?

This is the element of betting on tennis that is most crucial - selecting your sportsbook. The key to remaining on the legal side of things is to ensure you only bet at an online destination that is legally licensed and regulated. Participating in unregulated online gambling is not only dangerous, but is illegal in nearly all jurisdictions around the world.

Our guide includes recommendations for the leading online sports betting sites on the Web that offer French Open betting lines. Each of them has been carefully evaluated by our team of professional online sports betting analysts. All of them are verified to hold legal licensing, compliance certifications and are subject to strict regulatory oversight.

They are also each at the top of the food chain when it comes to quality and range of services. When visiting any of our recommended sportsbook brands, you can be certain that you are accessing a secure, high quality betting site that holds legitimate credentials for operating within the industry legally. They also each have competitive betting lines and odds that are comparable with the Vegas bookmakers.

About The French Open Tennis Tournament

While US fans might know it as the French Open, the official name for the tournament is Les international de France de Tennis, Roland Garros. So, yeah, the French Open is a much easier way of saying it. This tournament was founded 124 years ago, back in 1891, and is held over a two-week period beginning in late May and running through early June. It is held at the tournament's namesake, the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France.

In terms of a clay court tournament, it is not only the premier tournament on a yearly basis, it is actually the premier clay tournament in the history of tennis in general.

Structure of the French Open

You may be starting to notice a theme among these big-name tournaments. They're all basically structured the same per singles. The French Open has 128 singles in the men's and women's categories, as well as 64 doubles players. The clay court matches end up lasting a little longer and bringing in a lot more excitement.

The ball bounces differently, and even some of the greatest hard court players in history have struggled mightily in France and have often faced defeat in the earlier rounds. Needless to say, this invites a ton of mixed gambling action when the match-ups are named. It also means the lines are more evened out than at other tournaments.

A Brief History of the French Open

The French Open started in 1891 as a tournament opened to only French players of high status via private clubs. After the women's singles were added in 1897, and the doubles were added in 1902, the tournament then started branching out and accepting more players from outside of that very small circle. After 1924, players from elsewhere were allowed to join, and it eventually became a worldwide phenomenon. While it's not as popular as Wimbledon or the US Open, the French Open still has a great following, particular among those who appreciate action-packed tennis.

Things to Remember when Betting on the French Open

Betting on the French Open can be fun, exciting, and actually lucrative if you do it correctly. But there is no such thing as a sure-fire win in tennis. When you place a wager, there is always a risk to lose. This is why it's important to remember a few things before betting big.

1: Spread Your Proverbial Eggs

Putting your proverbial eggs all in one basket means that if that basket crashes, so too does your money. So, instead of placing one large wager on any aspect of the match, try to spread your bets for leverage by placing smaller bets on different aspects of the action, such as live betting, or a match-by-match style of betting.

2: Look at Momentum

Momentum plays a big factor in tennis, and if Serena Williams is on a downturn of late, losing big tournaments, maybe it's not the best idea to bet on her to win. Even if she's historically great in the French Open, try betting on the hot players who currently have good momentum.

3: Become a Fan

Many people who bet on tennis take a analytic approach to the game, rather than fan's approach. It actually helps tremendously to watch and keep up with the matches. As a fan of tennis, you will be more interested in following the daily goings-on with players, court conditions, odds, etc. These factors will help you tremendously when attempting to place a winning bet.

Remember that there are no guarantees in betting. While you can greatly improve your odds, you will always be at risk. So, leverage your bets, pay attention to momentum, and try to take a fan's approach to what's happening in the tennis world. This should help with your next French Open bets. For more strategy and tips, visit our pages on how to bet on tennis and our tennis betting tips.

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