How To Bet On Tennis And Be Successful

Tennis IconWhile we can give you a quick rundown on what tennis betting lines mean, how odds change, and how to safely approach betting to minimize risks, there's still the issue of learning the genre to begin with. For instance, you may be accustomed to betting on different sports, but tennis is another animal entirely.

Fortunately, figuring out how to bet on tennis can be adequately explained in a few basic steps, which we will discuss below. Once you get a feel for the industry specific nuances of betting on tennis, you can also check out our tennis betting tips and guide to understanding tennis betting odds to round our your betting strategy and skills.

Best Site for Legally Betting on Tennis In The US In 2024

Betonline Sportsbook

Whether you are new to betting on tennis or an experienced bettor, BetOnline Sportsbook will definitely deliver. Their range of betting lines and odds ensures that there are options for everyone, and their selection of wagering options accommodates both beginners and experienced bettors, and includes mobile betting and live tennis betting.

They welcome US customers as well as players from overseas. They are licensed and regulated by the government of Panama and offer one of the best bonuses in the business.

Top US Sportsbooks Offering Tennis Betting In 2024

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A Beginner's Guide for Tennis Betting

Following are some great tips for beginners and maybe a good refresher for experienced bettors. This information is a collaborative collection of advice from industry professionals that have a combined experience that spans decades. We are excited about serving the tennis fan base as a truly valuable resource guide.

Find a Friendly Sportsbook

The first step in this process is to find a friendly sportsbook with which to bet. Remember to look for something offshore; you don't even want to try anything located in the US where in the best-case scenario, you'll get to deposit but not withdraw your winnings. Our resource here at legal tennis betting can help in this regard by pointing you in the right direction with our recommended sportsbooks that have all been vetted by professional analysts, but we encourage you to review different sportsbooks and reach your own decision about which brand suits your needs and preferences best.

Think about the good qualities you're looking for in a site, and don't settle until you find one that meets your needs. We want to help you make your own informed decision, not twist your arm into agreeing with us.

Learn the Lines

The next step here is to learn a little bit about the lines. Basically, the only thing you really have to know about a tennis line is the moneyline. While there are sometimes different lines like spreads, the moneyline is like the universal line in tennis. For instance, let's say you have Jim Smith vs. John Doe. The line reads: Smith +160, Doe -185. Doe, in this instance, is heavily favored. You would have to bet $185 to win $100. In Smith's case, on the flip side, betting $100 would net you $160 if Smith pulled it out.

Understand how the moneyline odds work and you will learn how to spot bargain bets on matches featuring your favorite players. For example, say that you learned that Smith has never won on clay, and the match is on clay; well, in this instance, betting the $185 to win less than double is far less of a risk.

Bet Match by Match

For the final step of this process - well, other than gambling responsible of course, we only suggest that you bet on a match-by-match basis. With a football game, for instance, you're betting before the game on the outcome of the entire game. With the structure of all major tennis tournaments, you're actually betting on something more like a quarter-to-quarter basis, so you can control your bets.

This will include events such as Wimbledon, the US Open and the French Open. You can find the lopsided matches in the opening rounds, and then you can follow hot players through, betting a little at a time. This will help you minimize your risks tremendously while staying in total control of how you're betting.

This certainly isn't any type of get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a way to control your action and to actually maximize your rewards.

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